Pinnacle CleanseU Detox

Powerful Liver & Intestinal Herbal Detox


  • Intense Liver Cleanse to eliminate toxins, bacteria
  • Penetrating Intestinal Cleanse to flush and remove waste
  • Deep Gallbladder Cleanse to remove sediment deposits
  • Reduce Fluid Retention
  • Relieve Constipation and Treat Digestive Disorders
  • Renew your Body’s Natural State of Health & Wellness


Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa)
“Father of All Foods”

1Alfalfa is a perennial flowering plant originating in Asia commonly used as an herbal medicine for over 1500 years.  Its name literally means “Father of All Foods” as it has a spectrum of many essential vitamins and minerals, including A, B (full group of B vitamins), C D, E, K, as well as biotin, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium,protein and many others. The high calcium and magnesium levels make it a natural pain killer for arthritis, aching joints, migraines and menstrual and menopausal pain. It is amazing to have in just one plant an abundance of natural nutrients crucial to overall human health.Alfalfa is widely used for diuretic purposes to flush the liver and bowels off built-up toxins, heavy water retention and bacteria causing infections.  It assists in purifying the blood, balancing hormones, lowering cholesterol and improving the immune system functionality.


Burdock (Arctium Lappa)
PrimaryWestern & ChineseHerb”3Burdock is one of the principal detoxifying herbs in both Chinese and Western herbal medicine. The root is used to eliminate heavy metals and toxins from the body.  The plant is antibacterial, antifungal and carminative in addition to being a natural alternative to blood purifier, depurative, diaphoretic, diuretic and stomachic medicines. It reduces pain and promotes healing.Traditionally, Burdock has effectively assisted in the treatment of skin problems such as bruises, burns, boils and rashes, as well as, skin diseases such as herpes, eczema, acne, impetigo and ringworm. It is also used in the treatment of a range of ailments such as colds, dandruff, hair loss, impotence and barrenness.  In Russia it is included in the treatment of certain types of cancer.


Clove (Syzygium Aromaticum)
“Potent Liver Cleansing Herb”5Clove is a flower bud which contains a mixture of compounds such as flavonoids, triterpenes, phenolic acids, b-caryophyllene and eugenol that give it unique medicinal properties. Taken internally or applied externally it provides relief from a wide variety of ailments.Cloves have antimicrobial properties that aid in killing parasites and bacteria in the digestive tract; relax the lining of the intestines; calm an upset stomach; and aid in digestion. Its analgesic properties reduce topical pain from toothaches, rheumatism, arthritis, poison ivy, sun burn and other inflammation-based pain. It also has antihistamine properties that assist in clearing sinus passageways and aids in normal breathing.


Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare)
“The Spice of Angels”7Fennel is a perennial flowering plant originating from the Mediterranean usedfor many culinary and medicinal purposes. It is an aromatic and anise-flavored spice used worldwide.  It is rich in phytoestrogens and effective in treatingliver, bowel, kidney, spleen and respiratory disorders.Fennel is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, aromatic, carminative, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, galactogogue, hallucinogenic, laxative, stimulant and stomachic.  It is commonly used to treat amenorrhea, angina, anxiety, asthma, breast enlargement,colic, wind, depression, heartburn, indigestion, kidney stones, water retention, high blood pressure and respiratory congestion.


Field Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense)
“Powerful Diuretic Herb”
9Horsetail is one of the most diuretic species in all plants. It contains equisetonin, potassium, calcium, magnesium, flavonoids, saponins, ascorbic acid, salicylic acid and caffeic acid.  Acting together these components increase urination up to 30% more than normal and effectively eliminate a great volume of water from the body.Horsetail is used in the treatment for kidney and bladder disorders, arthritis, cystitis, ulcers, diarrhea, dysentery, flu, swellings and other disorders due to inflammation such as tuberculosis or emphysema.  Its high silica level content makes it effective in the repair of bones, collagen and other body tissues as well as the treatment of osteoporosis.Horsetail is also recommended for anemia and general debility. It has also been used externally as a compress to fractures and sprains, wounds, sores, skin problems and a gargle for mouth and gum inflammations.

Senna (Senna Alexandrina)
 “Potent Laxative Herb”
13Senna is an herb originating from Egypt and the Indian Subcontinent where it was primarily used as a laxative for thousands of years.It contains glycosides which relax the muscles as digested food moves through the intestines. The process promotes digestion, fermentation, and conversion of the glycosides into a purgative agent. It is effective in the removal of waste material and the treatment of constipation.


Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium)
Strong Parasite Eliminator”
15Wormwood is an herbaceous, perennial plant with fibrous roots. It is toxic in excess and was originally used as a poison and an insecticide in the Ancient World and Middle Ages.Wormwood has acids and bitter components which is effective in the treatment of liver dysfunction and digestive disorders.It has volatile oils and the bitter absinthin and absinthic acid components effective in expelling parasitic worms like roundworm from the digestive tract.  The herb also contains a cocktail of alcohols, thujone, tannin, resin, nitrate of potash and other salts making it an exceptional remedy for digestive issues.  The complex herb’stonic effects result in the swift and powerful emptying of the intestines.
Bladderwack(Fucus Vesiculosus)
Original Source of Iodine”
2 Bladderwack is a type of seaweed primarily rich in iodine.  It also contains algin, beta-carotene, bromine, mannitol, mucilage, potassium, zeaxanthin, volatile oils, and many other minerals.
Bladderwack as the original source of iodine has been used medicinally for many centuries to treat thyroid gland disorders, goitre, obesity and cellulite.  It stimulates the thyroid and immune systemsand increases metabolism.  The herb also assists in the treatment of rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.


Cayenne    (Capsicum Annuum)
 “Spicy Medicinal Herb”

4Cayenne is a native American plant with anti-microbial, anti-haemorrhoidal, anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic, diaphoretic, digestive, irritant, rubefacient and tonic benefits.
It has various medical uses including topical pain relief for muscle soreness, shingles, sprains, unbroken chilblains, rheumatism, neuralgia and pleurisy.The German Commission E Monographs has approved capsicum for the treatment of muscular tension and rheumatism.
It is also used in the treatment of fevers, varicose veins, asthma and digestive problems.  Medical research studies are currently being conducted to determine its effectiveness in cancer treatment.


Dandelion (Taraxacum Officinale)
Excellent Liver Detox Herb”

6Dandelions are perennial flowering plants containing a range of pharmacologically active compounds and high levels of Vitamins A, C, D, B-complex, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, choline, calcium and borongiving it a variety of medicinal properties. The dandelion is slightly aperient, depurative, strongly diuretic, hepatic, laxative, stomachic and tonic. It is approved by the FDA and the Council of Europe and included in many patent medicines in the USA, Europe and China.
The Dandelion is used in the treatment of gall bladder such as gallstones and urinary disorders, gout, oedema, chronic joint and skin complaints, eczema and acne.  Its antibacterial properties inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus Aureus, Pneumococci, Meningococci, Bacillus Dysenteriae, Salmonella, Diphtheriae and other bacteria. It is used to treat infections, swelling, water retention, breast problems, pneumonia and viruses.
“Dandelion heads the list of excellent foods for the liver.”  It detoxifies the liver and kidney and reduces the side effects of prescription medications. It has been used for centuries to treat liver dysfunction such as jaundice, cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver disease.


Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum)
Miracle Beauty Herb”

8Fenugreek is a perennial plant originating from the Middle East with many culinary and medicinal benefits.  It is considered the finest herb for enhancing beauty because it has the highest concentrations of diosgenin, a natural breast enlarger, as well as, plant compounds such, sapogenin, yamogenin, gitogenin and tigogenin effective in promoting new breast cells growth; increasing sexual stimulation; balancing hormone levelsandblood sugar levels; and treating PMS and menopause. The seed is very nourishing and body-building. Its antioxidants aid in slowing the ageing process; improving the thinking process and helping in the prevention of disease.
The Fenugreek seed and leaves are anti-cholesterolemic, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, carminative, demulcent, emollient, expectorant, febrifuge, galactogogue, hypoglycaemic, laxative, parasiticide, restorative and tonic. Historically, it has also been used in the treatment of diabetes, ulcers, bronchitis, swollen glands, wounds,skin irritations, and fevers. The German Commission E Monographs has approved fenugreek for the treatment of skin inflammations and loss of appetite.


Meadowsweet (Filipendula Ulmaria)
 “Sacred Druid Herb”

Meadowsweet is a perennial herb originating from Europe with culinary and medicinal benefits.  It has been used for many centuries and is considered “One of the Three Most Sacred Herbs of the Druids”.  It consists of Salicylic flavone glycosides, essential oils and tannins.  In combination these constituents act to protect the inner lining of the stomach and intestines whilst still providing anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aromatic, astringent, diaphoretic, diuretic, stomachic and tonic benefits.
Meadowsweet is traditionally used in the treatment of diarrhoea, heartburn, hyperacidity, gastritis and peptic ulcers. It is also considered to be useful
in the treatment of blood disorders, diphtheria, dysentery and pneumonia. The German Commission E Monographs has approved it for the treatment of bronchitis, cough, fever and colds.


Rose Hip (Rosa Canina)
Nature’s RichestSource of Vitamin C”

12Rose Hip is the fruit of a rose and has been used for thousands of years.  It is a plant offering the best source of Vitamin C making it an excellent immune system booster and highly effective in preventing infections from bacteria and viruses, as well as treatment for wounds and inflammations. Research studies in Europe prove Rose Hip is beneficial in the treatment of individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Rose Hip has high levels of Vitamin A which gives it the ability to regenerate new skin cells. It has astringent qualities used to treat and heal wounds, scars, acne and burns.  It helps the skin rehydrate and keep it elastic and nourished.  Thereby preventing and controlling wrinkles.
It has fruit acids and pectin which make it a mild diuretic and laxative. It is used to relieve the symptoms of kidney disorders and mild constipation.
Rose Hip also contains a variety of anti-oxidants carotenoids, beta-carotene, catechins flavonoids and polyphenols that makes them good preventive treatments to fight cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Valerian (Valeriana Officinalis)
 “Natural Sedative Herb”

14Valerian is a perennial flowering plant native to Europe and parts of Asia well known for its sedative qualities. It is used as a natural alternative for sedatives and narcotic drugs in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety disorders.
Valerian is a complex herb containing 120 chemical components which relax the central nervous system and smooth various muscle groups.  It has anti-spasmodic qualities effective in the treatment of abdominal cramps, uterine cramps, dysmenorrhea, muscle tensions and rheumatic pain. It may also be applied locally as a treatment for cramps and other.
Valerian is also used as a mild tranquilizer for people experiencing emotional stress or exhaustion.  It is a gentle relaxant, calming, sedating and practically non-addictive. It does not impair driving ability and produces no morning hangover effect.




The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body responsible for eliminating toxins, aiding digestion and helping regulate metabolism. The herbs in CleanseU are world-renowned for their diuretic properties. They are used for cleansing and protecting the liver, kidney and intestines whilst removing harmful wastes deposited in the body through diet, drugs, infections and the environment.


Alfalfa, the “Father of All Foods” and Rose Hip, the “Best Plant Source of Vitamin C” are exceptional immune system boosters preventing infections from bacteria, viruses and toxins.


Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Fennel Seed and Wormwood are extremely bitter herbs that detoxifies and flush out the liver, kidney and intestines.


Field Horsetail is one of the most powerful plant diuretic in the world.  It contains phytochemicals that purifies the kidney and bladder. It is anti-inflammatory with a high silica content to repair bones and body tissues.


Cayenne is a potent diuretic with anti-microbial, anti-rheumatic, anti-inflammatory andantifungal properties that stimulate blood circulation and improve cardiovascular, bone, skin and brain function.


Fenugreek is a natural expectorant and laxative with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and restorative properties highly effective in cleansing and improving the Respiratory, Circulatory and Integumentary Systems.




Every system, organ and cell of the human body eliminates waste material which accumulates over time from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the lifestyles we lead. Most of this toxic waste is deposited into the colon which becomes toxic if it is not regularly eliminated.

In addition to excess toxins, the human intestines is the perfect place for intestinal worms and parasites to live and flourish because they can feed on the nutrients and waste found in the Digestive System for months or years before they are detected.

The CleanseU herbs have been used for centuries by Western and Eastern traditional and complementary medical practitioners in the cleansing of the intestines.

Burdock and Wormwood are anthelmintic, antifungal, antidiabetic, antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial.  They contain complex compounds such as volatile oils and acids highly effective in the expulsion of parasitic worms and other internal parasites from the digestive system.  They are strong anti-parasitic plants.


Cloves and Meadowsweet have antimicrobial properties that aid in killing parasites and bacteria in the digestive tract.  Its essential oils, acids and tannin relax and protect the lining of the intestines; calm an upset stomach; and aid in digestion.


Senna contains anthraquinone derivatives which interact with bacteria in the digestive track, resulting in propulsive intestinal contractions to eliminate toxic wastes.  It has laxative effects that relax intestinal muscles which relieves constipation.


Recommended adult dosage:    10ml x 3 times per day

Mix in a glass of water or juice

Followed by a second glass of water

Alternative adult dosage:          15ml x 2 times per day

(For Busy People)                    Mix in a glass of water or juice

Followed by a second glass of water

Maximum Dosage:                   20ml x 3 times per day for larger sized                             people and those with lazy bowels.

Do not take 30ml in one dose daily unless you are after a laxative effect.

1   Best to take each dose before meals.

2   Drink plenty of water (2 Litres per day) while taking the tonic.

This helps in the elimination of the toxic waste and intestinal

3   The 500ml bottle is sufficient for a two week course.

4   To derive the best results for first time users, we recommend an

Initial Course of 2 x 500 ml Bottles (approximately 1 month)

This is due to the 1 month incubation period of some intestinal parasites.

5   If excessive detoxification symptoms occur during the healing period:

5.1    Reduce the dose amount and frequency to 10 ml x 1 time per day.

5.2    If symptoms improve, continue 10 ml per day, for 3 days.

5.3    Increase frequency, 10 ml x 2 times per day, for 3 days.

5.4    Increase frequency, 10 ml x 3 times per day.

6   If detoxification symptoms recur, then go back to the lower dosage.

7   There are no dietary restrictions during the course.

However for better results, we recommend avoiding dairy products during the first week. Maintain a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables during the course.

8   Use only as directed.  If symptoms persist, stop the course and consult your health care professional.


The liver is the second largest human organ and one of the most important. It is the body’sinternal cleaner and itsmain function is to naturally eliminate the bacteria, chemicals, poisons, worms, parasites, toxic waste,excess calories and bad fats that we ingest on a daily basis.  The liver plays a vital role in balancing our hormones;regulating digestion and circulation; and improving our health.

Anything that enters the bloodstream is filtered through the liver to ensure that quality nutrients go to various organs, while any excess substances are removed. It is normal for some toxins to be present in the liver because this is where the body sends them for processing. A problem develops when a buildup of inorganic and organic toxins occurs in the liver. It is a human machine and like any machine requires regular cleansing and maintenance to operate at optimum levels.

The Top Reasons for Cleansing the Liver and Intestines

1     A blocked liver leads to a range of disorders in the liver, kidney, bowel, gallbladder and other organs.  You can only survive up to two days if the liver shuts down completely.

2     The liver naturally regenerates and creates new liver cells daily.  It aids in the healing and rejuvenation of other human organs and increases your energy.

3     The liver is an organ of transmutation. It breaks down some toxins and removes them as waste. It metabolizes and breaks down nutrients from food and produces energy, as required by your body.

4     The liver absorbs, stores and delivers vitamins, minerals, sugar and other nutrients to the body.

5     Efficient Weight Control – The liver produces bile, which is used by the digestive system in the breakdown of fat. When you cleanse your liver, you help it promote the production of bile, which assists your body in metabolizing fat and control your weight.

6     The liver produces most proteins needed by your body.

7     The liver improves blood circulation through cleansing and producing substances that regulate blood clotting.

8     Intestinal cleansing maintains regularity and prevents constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and other colon disorders.

9     Makes the digestive system and immune system more effective.

10   Optimises the performance of the brain and other organs, and improves overall health.



  1. What will I expect to experience undertaking the CleanseU Detox Course?

You will experience effects within 24-48 hours of taking the first dose.

The initial flushing of bulk waste will last 3-4 days.

During the initial flushing, you will probably experience an additional bowel movement one or two times per day over this period.

Over the remaining 10-11 days, bowel movements will return to normal or an extra one time per day.


  1. Will I experience cramping or diarrhoea?

In general, you should not feel any cramping or diarrhoea.

However, in the event that you do experience cramping or diarrhoea, do not worry.  This is due to the temporary rush of toxic material in the bloodstream as it travels from your tissues and vital organs to be eliminated by the bowels, kidneys, lungs and skin.

This is a sign that your body is beginning to heal.

We recommend you reduce the dose amount or the dose frequency.


  1. What is the dosage?

Recommended Dose:   10ml x 3 times per day

Alternative Dose:         15ml x 2 times per day for busy people

Maximum Dose:          20ml x 3 times per day for larger sized people and those with lazy bowels.

Do not take 30ml in one dose daily unless you are after a laxative effect.


  1. How do I take CleanseU?

Mix CleanseU in a glass of water or juice,and then followed with a second glass of water.

CleanseU can also be taken straight and then followed by a glass of water.

Juice (especially Blackcurrant) masks the taste most effectively.


  1. Are there any dietary restrictions?

There are generally no diet restrictions.

For first time users or for those clients who believe they may suffer from candida then avoid all dairy products and sugar for the first week.

For better results, we recommend you follow a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables during the course.


  1. Why is it necessary to ensure I am drinking plenty of water during the day?

Water ensures the waste passing through the digestive tract remains fluid and is easily eliminated. We recommend drinking at least 2L per day.


  1. How often will I go to the toilet?

You should be going to the toilet an additional one or two times per day. This is necessary to ensure the elimination of waste is quick and regular.

It is an indication that the herbs are working effectively.


  1. How long does a bottle last?

Two weeks.


  1. Will I lose weight?

Most users may experience a weight loss of 2 to 4 kilos in the first week as the excess waste and fluids are eliminated.

CleanseU is not sold as a weight management tonic.


  1. How long can I take CleanseU?

Most users will experience significant benefits after one bottle course (two weeks).

For first time users or for those who suspect they have a parasite* infestation, we recommend completing a second bottle and extending the course to four weeks.


A 4-week course will cover one lunar cycle which covers the breeding cycle of parasitic* worms. If there are any parasite* eggs left over they will be killed upon hatching.  This stops the breeding cycle.

The extra two weeks will also give the liver more time to completely eliminate stored toxins and repair or create new cells.

We do not recommend extending the course beyond four weeks as this may lead to dependence.


* Not for serious parasite conditions.


  1. Why is CleanseU a liquid tonic?


Liquid herbal extracts are the most potent and efficient method to introduce healing herbs to the body. Liquids are absorbed quickly(1-4 minutes) and the nutrients are assimilated more completely (98%) by the body.  You will feel the effects and enjoy the benefits faster and better.


On the other hand, tablets and capsules contain fillers and binding agents some of which are difficult to digest.  The body needs to extract and break down the medicinal nutrients in the tablet and put them in liquid form before it can begin to assimilate them. The break down process takes 20 – 30 minutes.  After assimilation the body only utilises 39 – 53% of the tablet and the rest end up being eliminated.


  1. Is it safe for pregnant women?

CleanseU is safe.

However, we recommend all pregnant women and women breastfeeding to seek medical advice prior to taking CleanseU because of its laxative properties.


  1. Is it safe for children?

CleanseU is not recommended for children under.


  1. I have Colitis/Crohns. Is CleanseU safe to use?

CleanseU is safe.

However we recommended all consumers to seek medical advice prior to taking CleanseU.


  1. I have completed the CleanseU. How long before I can do another detox?

We recommend undertaking a minimum of 1 CleanseU course per year.

Most of our users who live busy and hectic lifestyles find they benefit from a course of CleanseU every 4-6 months.


  1. What is the history of CleanseU?

CleanseU was formulated in the early 1980’s by Eli Shamon, the well-esteemed natural medicine practitioner who founded Pinnacle Health Clinic.   His son, Will Shannon, expanded the business to a network of company-owned and franchised health clinics throughout Australia.  Will is the President of Australian Complementary Medicine Association and aninternationally-renownedauthority on Natural Medicine, Iridology and Herbalism.  Will is a visionary heavily involved in the designing and development of innovative herbal products.

CleanseU is wholly owned and manufactured in Australia by Pinnacle Health Clinic according to International and Australian Standards.  It utilises the best herbs sourced globally from respected and reliable suppliers.

CleanseU is one of Australia’s leading andbest-selling herbal detoxproduct for over 30 years.  It is currently recommended by Healthcare Practitioners globally in 140 countries. The CleanseU formulation is based on the Naturopathic principle that detoxification and elimination are the first steps to better health.


  1. I have taken CleanseU before but this bottle tastes different, why?

CleanseU is a natural product includingorganically grown herbs free of herbicides and pesticides.  The taste of herbs varies according to seasonal, geographical, environmental and other factors.

As a result, the taste of CleanseU may differ per batch.  We guarantee each bottle has the same herbal ingredients of World Class Quality.


  1. Why is Senna included in CleanseU?

Senna is included in CleanseU for its powerful laxative properties.  It

contains glycosides, anthraquinone compounds which interact with the bacteria in the digestive tract resulting in propulsive contractions of the colon muscle.  This aids the movement of digested food through the intestines and facilitates the elimination of wastes out of the colon. The process is caused by the chain of fatty acids that promote digestion, fermentation, and successfully converting the glycosides into a strong purgative agent.

Senna tones intestinal muscles by stimulating the bowel to pulse more quickly.  It also relieves constipation and assists in waste elimination by allowing more water to remain in the stool resulting to faster and softer bowel action.


  1. Why is potassium sorbateincluded in CleanseU ?

Potassium sorbate is the potassium salt of sorbic acid. It is primarily used as a preservative in food, wine and personal care products. It inhibits molds and yeast.  Potassium sorbate has a low allergenic potential and a long-term safety record.


  1. I started taking CleanseU and now I am feeling tired and sluggish. What is happening?

Fatigue and low energy are symptoms of a “Healing Crisis” which is caused by the rush of toxic materials into your bloodstream as they make their way from your vital organs onto the elimination organs where they are eventually removed from your body.

The Healing Crisis symptoms may also make you feel like you have a cold with a runny nose, achy joints, diarrhea, headaches and fever.On the negative side, they are unpleasant and bring discomfort.  On the positive side, they are a good sign that your body is healing.


  1. How long is a Healing Crisis?

The healing crisis lasts only for a few days. Normally it is worst from days 6-8 into a detox as your body begins to trust that you will allow it to

eliminate toxic waste without adding extra poison.


  1. How do I minimise the effects of a Healing Crisis?

To minimise the effects of a Healing Crisis, we recommend the following:

1      Drink at least 2L of water per day during the course.

2      Eat Healthy – lots of fresh vegetables and fruit during the course.

3      Minimise or eliminate dairy products during the course.

4      Minimise or eliminate wheat, white flour and baked goods during the course.

5      Minimise or eliminate sugar during the course.

6      Eat Meat Sparingly during the course.

The better you eat, drink and live a healthy lifestyle

the less the time the Healing Crisis lasts.


If you feel like you’ve abused your body with too many unfavourable foods; this product comes highly recommended. If you’re not too keen on highly invasive digestive detox techniques such as colonic hydrotherapy – this product is the next best thing. There will be a few side effects, such as going to you know where a little more often.”                                Justine Crowley, Chief Editor of Sydney Food Lovers, NSW


“Extremely impressed with CleanseU. It accomplished so much in such a short period. It solved my constipation immediately. After three days my ‘puffiness’ had gone and solved fluid retention problem I’ve had for ages – which I had not expected. My eyes and skin became brighter and clearer. Loved the product and have recommended it to many family and friends.I found it to be so effective but very gentle with no harsh effects. Great product!!”

KA, Penrith NSW


“I take CleanseU regularly.  It’s a great liquid herb mix for liver/kidney support, and bowel stimulation.”

Let Food Be Thy Medicine Blogger, Online, Sydney NSW


“I have used CleanseU many times over the past 8 years and always get remarkable results.Taking CleanseU has cleared my skin and prevented me from feeling sluggish in the stomach.”

S-JB, Port Melbourne VIC


“This product has made a huge difference to my life. I have a reduction in bloating and a lighter feeling.Having poor digestion and stomach problems for many years, this product has helped me so much.

I have used CleanseU many times and will continue using it.”

SH, Rose Bay NSW


“I love the CleanseU… It fits in with my life, puts me back on track and I finish feeling lighter. Thanks”

MM, Balmain NSW



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